Living in the Present

My son used to tell me “Stop living in the past, Mum.”  He said this to me when I resorted to the often-used, but pretty useless parental advice-giving that starts with “When I was a kid we had to….. didn’t have…..” It’s hard not to spend a lot of mental and emotional time in the […]

How am I? Do you really want to know?

“Dear Abby” once shared something sent to her about an older lady’s companions.  As I recall they were Arthur Itis, Charley Horse, Will Power and Ben Gay–all gentlemen with whom I have become intimately acquainted. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’m barely acquainted with Will Power.  But the other men,  oh, boy!!) Lately I have to […]

New to Being Old(er)

Somehow I made it to 70 years without a lot of serious consideration or hard work.  Well, I mean I did work hard, but not on the getting older part. I know a responsible person is supposed to plan for retirement and old age, but I thought of aging as a handsome suitor waiting patiently outside in his […]