New to Being Old(er)

I thought you were driving!!

Somehow I made it to 70 years without a lot of serious consideration or hard work.  Well, I mean I did work hard, but not on the getting older part.

I know a responsible person is supposed to plan for retirement and old age, but I thought of aging as a handsome suitor waiting patiently outside in his top-down Classic Convertible, while I took my time finishing my makeup and combing out my hair.

We would date for a while, get married, buy a nice house that would be mortgage-free within 25 years and then retire.  Of course, there would be money left over for us to travel and play to our heart’s content, because our 2.5 children would have all attended colleges on scholarships, obtained well paying jobs (with benefits) and provided us with well-behaved and devoted grandchildren.



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