Living in the Present


My son used to tell me “Stop living in the past, Mum.”  He said this to me when I resorted to the often-used, but pretty useless parental advice-giving that starts with “When I was a kid we had to….. didn’t have…..”

It’s hard not to spend a lot of mental and emotional time in the past as we get older.  No one at any age knows how long she has to live, and it is a common human tendency to look back with nostalgia, or even to re-picture the past in a more positive light than it might deserve.  It is also a hard reality that eventually there are many more years behind us than before us.

If we used those years well, they may provide the present with a foundation of comfort and sense of well-being.  But if we were wasteful or unconscious of the passing of time, if we squandered opportunities, or floated along in a kind of stupor, is it too late to create a new reality for ourselves?

I must admit that I have many times been guilty of floating along in this manner and now am facing some hard realities.  But I suspect that I am not alone.  I would welcome comments, suggestions, and simple sharing of where we find ourselves at this time in our lives.  Have you made big changes in your life at 50, 60, 70 or beyond?  What motivated you? And what comforts you in those early morning hours when sleep is often elusive?


photo (2)


The eternal tides are comforting, time seems to stand still ocean-side. This is a place where I come to refresh my spirit.



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