Grief and Memory in Sacred Ritual

It is no secret that difficult memories can be stumbling blocks preventing us from living full and positive lives and holding us back from becoming our best authentic selves. This became clear to me when I was asked by the Rabbi of my synagogue to share memories of someone I loved during the Yizkor service […]

Encountering An Other

I have experienced some encounters that seem to belong outside the boundaries of normal communication.  Some of these moments of contact have been between me and other humans and some have involved animals, most often wild ones.  Before anyone starts humming the theme music from The Twilight Zone, let me clarify that I am not […]

Being a Mother at 70

I didn’t plan to write about being a mother on Mother’s Day, since it seemed way too much of a cliche.  But here I am anyway, adding my own limited perspective to what is probably one of the most emotionally charged, personal, yet universal experiences–being a parent. I clearly cannot write from personal experience about […]