Drama Queen

Anyone who has survived raising teenagers is well acquainted with drama.  The more traditional belief is that it relates to girls more than boys, but I think this may reflect the view that what females express is “dramatic” and what males express is daring, courageous, going out into the world and achieving success, or just taking charge […]

Lost Sanctuary

Just yesterday I became aware of a component of the new craze–Pokemon Go.  As I understand it, certain places where Pokemon (Pokemen?) need to be captured are inside buildings such as a library, museum or place of worship.  Since these are considered public buildings, it is not possible to refuse entry to someone simply because they […]

Journey’s End

Who is that woman in the mirror? Wrinkles, chin hairs, brown spots and fat blue veins. They are the memories of my mother’s face and hands. They are the howling winds of time. I may still be strong, but life is frail.