A life in the color of dreams.

When I was 10, I dreamed of being a nurse.  The dream was pale in hue, a light sterile green, because that was the color of hospital walls then and I didn’t know any better.  But I was told, by someone who thought she was being kind and giving me good advice, that I should be […]

Extra Ordinary?

Nine months ago, the Daily Word Prompt was “perfection.”  I posted a response that formulated my experience with that concept and an important way that my religious tradition helps me be compassionate with human nature, as we continuously fall short of our God-given potential.  There really is nothing wrong with having a vision of perfection, if (and […]

Riding the Medical Merry-go-Round

Spending a major portion of 2016 dealing with some major health issues, my life was consumed with frequent PCP appointments, numerous tests, consultations with several specialists, day surgery, and physical therapy, as well as attending to some on-going, but not life-threatening, conditions that need regular maintenance. My usual fall-back position in dealing with stressful emotional and […]

Sprinkle or Dunk?

A few years ago I had a conversation with a good friend about some of the differences among Christian denominations.  Having been raised  a Quaker and now identifying as Jewish, I did not have much understanding of the rituals involved in more traditional Christian worship.  Even though I had attended different church services for weddings […]

Beware the Swarm

Before responding to the daily prompt, I typed swarm into Google to see what definitions the word has of which I might not be aware.  It says a lot about our current culture that the first 10 hits led me to Swarm, a new game App that rewards players for visiting more places than their friends […]

Am I Smarter Than My GPS?

  I’m not sure if Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? is still on television.  I haven’t seen it lately on my daily ring-around-the-channels game.   I don’t have cable service because  I had it once and quickly learned that my monthly financial layout just provided me with more options that I didn’t like.  So basically […]