Speak Your Truth


אדוני said, "Let there be...."
And there was...
Even אדוני grew tired of speaking and rested.

Keep speaking your truth
Your words create worlds
Nourished with understanding.

Speak when you are able
Be silent when you must.
Rest when you are weary.

Souls are fragile.
Words are not.
They are not lost.
They travel in the wind
Take root in distant lands
And blossom there.

©Martha Hurwitz, 12/27/17
Inspired by I've Told You so Much Already


  1. This is a lovely poem, Martha! Just beautiful–and so very true. I especially appreciate your third stanza: Speak…Be silent…Rest…. This isn’t a sprint. It’s the marathon of our lives–for which we’ve been preparing all these years without knowing it. Thank you for this gift.


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