You didn’t hear what I said!
Her voice dripped with exasperation.

I heard what you said.
His words spit out impatiently.

What did I say, then?
Her exasperation frosted with sprinkles of anger.

What you always say, that I didn’t hear what you said.
His voice now laced with complementary anger.

What did I say, before that?
Before I said you didn’t hear me!

Her anger rising into the realm of sorrow.
Words spill quietly, tears of anguish.

You said you’re unhappy, but I can’t see why.
He turns back to his reading.
Clothes himself in the armor of silence.

She raises her white flag, words of surrender.
I was wrong, you heard me.
But you didn’t listen.


©Martha Hurwitz, 8/6/20

Vj’s Weekly Challenge


    • Thanks for your comment. I’m new to this group of poets, and they seem to be a quite friendly and welcoming group to hang out with! I’ve been writing for a while, but not in poetry form so it’s exciting for me to read so many different styles and approaches.

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