Cultivating Dignity

The concept of “retirement” had almost always been a picture in my mind of calmness, contentment and a peaceful stroll toward the end of life. That image fought valiantly to remain true for many months, but soon gave way to a difficult but exhilarating new truth.  For me, these “Golden Years” don’t differ so much from the early years, teen years, young adulthood, or middle age.  True, I am more aware of the limits of time–of the fact that some choices are now highly impacted by a realistic assessment of how much longer I may actually be here on this earth.  

Overall, though, a good and satisfying life still requires thought, choices, and decisions, all based on what values and beliefs are, as they have always been, most important to me.  

Dignity–respect for differences, kindness and compassion toward others, concern for the natural world, is one of those values that seems to be needed more than ever, yet is in less supply and in serious danger of disappearing altogether.  Dignity does not simply exist–it needs to be planted and tended and cultivated. 

The past few years have been a struggle both personally and on the national and international stage.  But I will continue to promote dignity, compassion and justice, adding my voice–as small and trembling as that voice may be.  


©Martha Hurwitz






2 thoughts on “Cultivating Dignity

  1. I am always impressed with people who espouse the concept of dignity. In many ways is is something our parents knew instinctively. As a 75 yo ‘oldie’ I have embraced the blogging world and like you have found it worth while having two.

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