Healer’s Prayer

I am weary, Compassionate God.
Hide me in the cleft of the rock. 
Show me Your Graciousness, HaMacom.
The Place, where Moses hid.
To see the Face of Divine Presence would shatter him.
Be Kind to me, El Shaddai, Voice in the Mountain.
Seeing the face of suffering can shatter too.
I feel Empty of Lovingkindness.  My Anger rises. 
HaRachaman, Merciful One, hold back my anger.
Fill me with Lovingkindness.
Rofeh Cholim, Healer of the Sick, heal me.
Walk with me on my rounds, sit with me in my office.
Hear the cries of suffering as I do.
Guide my words, my hands, my heart.
Oseh Shalom, Maker of Peace, be with me.
Strengthen me, guide me,
hold me up when I can no longer stand.

©Martha Hurwitz, 9/16/20

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