Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She died as the Gates opened to the Days of Awe
Carried by the ancient prayers of our people, and
Soft beginnings of our own prayers.
Pleading forgiveness and compassion,
    Justice for us, and our whole broken world.
May Her Memory Be a Blessing
To those who are official mourners, who will say Kaddish for her.
To those who are not official mourners, but are still in mourning.
Even to those who do not know why they should mourn.
May Her Memory Be a Reminder
To be a champion of the dispossessed. 
To remember the widow and the orphan.
To leave the corners of our fields for those who hunger.
May Her Memory Be a Comfort
To those who question their own strength.
To those who think standing tall refers to height.
To those who wish she could come back down the Mountain.
May Her Memory Be a Thorn
To those who mock, ridicule and disrespect.
To those who treat others as expendable pawns.
To those who think power is a limitless excuse.
May Her Memory Be a Revolution
Teaching us to turn and turn, and judge slowly.
With respect for tradition, but with clear vision
As she did, but now we must do.

©2020Martha Hurwitz

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