Psalm for Creation

  Praise God for starlings’ raucous chattering,
 Declaring loudly their boisterous presence
 In the branches of the towering maple tree. 
 Praise God for the North Wind howling.  
 Its frosty breath weaving a heavy blanket
 Covering the garden for its long winter sleep.
 Praise God for thorns, guardian of roses and
 Protector of ripe raspberries, reminding us to 
 Harvest slowly and leave the corners of our fields.
Praise God for screeching owls, 
the haunting call of the coyote, 
 the squirrel who raids the bird feeder and the 
 raccoon who prefers the garbage can.
Praise God for crawling things that seem to serve
no purpose, whose place we do not understand.
 Praise God for mysteries and wonder, for a 
 World created for its own sake, not for our own.


Martha Hurwitz, 11/18/20


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