Hope for the New Year

 We often feel that our hopes are fragile,
   so we hide them away
   where no one can find them 
   or mock their audacity.
 But hope is not a fragile thing.
 It is the rock upon which the Temple stood,
   the water flowing from Miriam’s Well, 
   the Pillar of Fire that led us through the wilderness.
 We have struggled through a year of isolation and sorrow.
 Today we look toward the far horizon and see light.
 It is still dim, not yet a pillar of fire, 
   but glowing embers ready to burst into flame.
 May this be a year of hope that is fearless and bold,
    that stands on its soapbox shouting and singing,
    declaring its existence without apology or shame.
 Adonai, our God, who has always been Our Hope, 
   grant us renewed strength and clear vision
   so that we may fulfill Your sacred call
   for a world reborn and cradled in peace.
Image by Shepherd Chabata from Pixabay

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