What is Justice?

Tzedek, tzedek tirdof.

Justice, justice you shall pursue.

Righteous Judge,

We have heard Your call for justice
And Your call to protect the oppressed.
What is the balance between them?

On which side of the scale do we place
A man's right to be judged according to the law
And a woman's right to justice?

When Leah's daughter Dinah was raped
Jacob gave heed to the one who violated her
Because Shechem now professed his love.

What was justice for Dinah?
What did You say to Jacob?
What do You say to Dinah?

Today, there is no repentance.
The echoes of arrogance and justification
Still ring through the public square.

He is guilty and without remorse
His body imprisoned for only two years 
Her soul imprisoned forever.

How do we measure one eye, one tooth?
Answer us, please, in compassion.
Whose justice should we pursue?

©2021Martha Hurwitz


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