Prayer for the World’s Children

Oh, children of our Mothers Sarah and Hagar,
Daughters and sons of our Father Abraham/Ibrahim.
Oh, children of the Great Spirit,
Sons and daughters of Darfur, Iran, 
Mayanmar, Guatemala, and Brazil.

What have we done to you,
To the innocence of your souls?
We should fall on our knees, 
Our children. Beg your forgiveness.
For we have forgotten, 
The Earth does not belong to us.

How long will we cling to 
Our ancient trauma?
Defend hatred and violence,
As if it is God’s will, not our own.

God of Creation, 
Compassionate Soul of the Universe,
Grant us strength to remember and still forgive.
To heal our wounds together,
Fulfill the vision of an Earth restored.

When peace will rise from ancient stones,
Become the path we walk together.
The sacred call for Shalom/Salaam embodied,
In our children and our children’s children,
For all the generations yet to come.


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