Half Moon Weeping

Living in a secular world that follows a solar calendar while living a spiritual life that follows the lunar calendar can be confusing. I am half this and half that. Negotiating holiday seasons and holy days according to the dominant culture often requires a reckoning between the sun and moon.
ruler of the night
half moon in the daytime sky
neither here nor there

Today in Israel...

half moon is weeping
over the Jordan River
jackals howl for blood


Written in response to prompt by Frank Tassone in dVerse


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. While I agree with what you say, I’m not sure if it was a general statement or a comment on what I wrote. I’d love to hear more of what prompted you to make this comment.


      • It was both, I suppose. In your poem, the half moon that is both in the light and the darkness is not fully in either state. It strikes me as a metaphor for all conflicts and disputes everywhere. Right always depends on which side you’re looking from. I make a distinction between conflicts and crimes though. Sometimes you have to say there is no grey area, and to even doubt the existence of a crime is terribly wrong.


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