The Masks I Wear

I went to the Purim Palooza disguised 
as myself nobody recognized 
me, maybe I do not 
know who I really am.

Am I Vashti? Brave and foolish, 
willing to toss away her mask
she has had enough, cares 
no more about pleasing a King.

Am I Hadassah? Young beautiful virgin
without reasonable prospects 
other than a beauty pageant and 
lengthy training in pleasing a King.

Am I Queen Esther? Praying,
fasting, willing to be sacrificed 
by speaking when speaking to a
King might lead to death.

How do I know which face is mine,
whose face looks back at me in 
God’s mirror, in whose
image have I made myself?



  1. I am so happy to be on the list to get your poetry on Facebook. Do you have. blog?
    note new email .. slight changes.


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