Footprints in the Snow

The newly fallen snow as yet unbroken by human feet
    reveals the signs of fellow creatures
    who traveled through while I lay sleeping.

The deer held a party beneath the apple trees,
    dignified and quiet, no neighborly complaints.
    A cat stalked the sleeping birds.

Not often, but enough to warrant caution,
    a bobcat, bear or coyote leaves its calling card,
    rarer still the lumbering moose. 

Tiny creatures, mice or moles, scampered quickly,
    hearing perhaps, or sensing in their micely way
    a fearsome predator too close for comfort.

In the careless way of humans, my footprints erase
    the evidence of these strangers who visit in the night.
In my prayers I bid them welcome and hope 
    they will forever come again.
©Martha Hurwitz, 12/22/20
Photos by Martha Hurwitz

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