What If?

What if we can 
Look upon God's face and live?
But only see a beggar standing on the street corner,
Or a desperate woman walking in the night
Selling her only valuable possession.

What if we can hear God's voice
Without fear and trembling,
But only hear a cry of human longing,
Desperate for the touch of human love?

What if Moshiach already walks among us,
With skin a different color
Speaking words we do not understand?
And we turn away in fear.

What if the World to Come already came?


One comment

  1. It’s as if I were thinking your thoughts for my whole life and realizing at last whose voice had been in my head all along. Forever I’ve felt what you’re saying. I’ve tried to say it too, in my own way, and your way of saying it makes me confident that finally I’m not alone and never had to feel as if I were.

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