An Unholy Trinity

God Becomes One Out of Many, Day Three
God of the storms and winter rains you bring
rain on time, or not, according to your will
your rain cannot cause the desert to flower 
or the earth to bring forth new life

if she does not receive your seed
or give birth to your children.
Beware gods of Men and men of God,
who gain dominion through pain and violation,

although the myths of One gave you her power, 
earth is a divine being upon which your 
seed will flourish or die at her command.
The earth is ruled by no One but Herself.

The Earth Quakes on Tu B’Shevat
The earth shakes in violent spasms, mountains of stone
crush fragile flesh, great thundering chaos yields 
to the silence of death; the jackals howl

for the father holding his dead child’s hand, the mother’s 
last breath birthing her child into the void
for the guilty and for the innocent

Howling why? What have we done? Or not done?
Why have you abandoned us? Why do I live? Why did I die?
The road to hell is paved with good, unanswered questions.

Fruit of the Tree of Knowing Good & Evil
When you ate the fruit and began to understand you knew the
Punishments, I decreed that you would eat by the sweat of your hands,
be fruitful through blood and pain.  I did not tell you

the worst punishment is given by the Tree Herself. 
Her fruit never ripens, its beauty masks its naked bitterness.
You will remember but never know my name. I have mourned your
Innocence every hour since you were shaken out through the Gates of Paradise.


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